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Stationary, Part Deux

Here I am.  Starbucks in Davis, CA.  I have the audacity to sit on my laptop for 2 hours, only to walk up the counter and “order” and cup of hot water.  I have leftover Organic & Fair Trade coffee packets from various hotel stays, and I intend to use them up! I am out of tea bags from London/Oxford/Windsor, etc., but mum and I have tea at home.  Soon, I will have to start paying for cups of coffee. Maybe I’ll buy a box of those packs and never pay for an individual cup again!? Nahh. There’s something to be said about a Mocha or Strawberries & Cream Frap (skinny, of course). 

I will be in motion between the hours of 12 and 2 today - Gym with Laura (Graduating soon, and one of my main connections to this city), followed by a quick shower (where I will be in one place for 7-10 minutes) then on the proverbial road, again. I’ll have a wander around campus, stop for a bagel (with cream cheese and avocado spread, as always) and pick up my diploma! Yipee! 

The diploma will be stationary, on my wall for a year, then on someone else’s wall. Possibly my father’s office where he puts old pictures and even creates new friends from things around the house (including his old clothes). Photos to come. Until then, here’s a picture of my roommate (AKA ‘Father’).

Until next time; don’t stay put… 



Being stationary was never my strong suit.  Sitting still is an affliction, except while eating or sleeping, writing or drawing (actually walked at the same time).  Even during slumber, I’m dreaming of being somewhere else.  Always in motion, always thinking ahead.

I dream of water, people, buildings to sketch, paintings I have yet to paint, lovers, man-eating snakes (ages 7-12), and replay past events with different endings.  My legs freeze in dreams where I have to run for my life.  I guess that’s some physical manifestation, otherwise my sheets would be all over the place in the morning?

Anyway.. I will be stationary (geographically speaking) for a year.  No more weekend flights to Dublin. No more 30 minute train rides into Central London, or 2 hours coming up from the Seaside.  The public transportation here suits my current needs (visiting friends in Davis).

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